iPhone 6, iWatch and Apple phablet to be released this fall

Edit: Oops, a little late!

According to reports, Apple is expected to come up with two new models of the iPhone in the year 2014. However, unlike all other releases, the two new releases are expected to be completely different from all other devices and models that Apple has launched till date. It has been projected that the iconic phone manufacturer plans to introduce a 4.7” iPhone 6 along with a 5.5” iPhone Phablet. The iPhone 6 should hit the markets by the month of September while the iPhone Phablet could take a while longer to arrive.

iPhone 6

Source: Recode.net

The 4.7″ iPhone 6 is also expected to feature a completely redesigned face and a 1704 x 960 pixel display. The 5.5″ iPhone Phablet is expected to go along with similar features as well as a full HD screen. The move to a larger screen size is a direct result of the widespread popularity achieved by the 5+” Android Smartphones available in the markets.


Apple phones are also expected to roll out a brand new A8 processor, a usual range of 16 – 64GB storage units and a Touch ID scanner. Another exciting rumor that has come up is that the iPhone 6 is expected to feature the CAT 6 LTE, an NFC chip that allows mobile payments and wireless charging capabilities. The NFC inclusion is particularly significant for the mobile payment industry at large. TouchID is also likely to be brought into the mix and will most certainly help out with transaction verifications. A website in Romania claims to have laid its hands on the iPhone 6 dummy and has measured the same. According to the website, the iPhone 6 is expected to have dimensions of 137.5 mm x 67 mm x 7mm.

The iPhone is also expected to offer an enhanced user experience and a greater level of interaction between the phone and the user. How much of these specs and rumors turn out to be true cannot be ascertained at the moment, but if the initial pictures are anything to go by, we could be in for a treat with the iPhone 6 and the Apple phablet.

In addition to the iPhone 6, Apple plans to roll out its very first smartwatch in the month of September as a sister device to the iPhone 6. The company is already said to be in an accelerated production mode in order to be able to meet its September targets. Rumors of the iWatch have been circulating ever since the company‘s patent application for a smart wristband was made public in the month of February 2013.

As always, you should take all reports about upcoming Apple products with a word of caution. The delays are always expected and the rumors are likely to intensify with every passing day. However, until we hear more about the company’s plans for launching the iPhone 6, all we can do is speculate.